ReJoov Salon

Rejoov Salon is a community enterprise financed and developed by the Wedderburn community that opened in 2019. Any profits from the Salon go back into maintaining the business and other community projects.

It’s been 25 years since Wedderburn had a Hair & Beauty Salon in the High street. After almost a year of hard work by a dedicated group of volunteers from a cross section of the community, their vision is becoming a reality. On 14th of May 2019 the Rejoov Salon will open at 75 High street Wedderburn. Rejoov will offer the town the services of a Hairdresser, Barber, Beauty and Massage, with facilities for nails and more in the future.
This venture is unique in that the capital funding the project is all locally sourced through donations from the community members, the Loddon Shire Council and the auspicing body Wedderburn Community House. Local resident, Robyn Vella started the venture simply by putting a post on facebook asking if anyone else felt the town needed a salon on the High street. The response was so large that she then approached the Wedderburn Community House and the adventure began.

rejoov 2
The perfect location was found at 75 High street; a shopfront that was the milk bar for many years, but has been empty for some time. The premises needed quite a bit of work carried out to turn it from a dilapidated empty shop into a delightful salon, where clients will feel pampered. Local tradesmen stepped up to the task, working tirelessly 7 days a week to get the structural work completed in time for the opening.
Local residents didn’t just support the community enterprise though financial donations, they stepped up to help repair, clean, paint, find the perfect decor items/furnishings. Volunteers showed true commitment getting the salon ready, travelling distances to help, coming straight from a night shift to paint all day; we even had visitors to the town give up a couple of days of holidays to lend a hand. The community has been committed right throughout the project, making this a true community enterprise.

painting rejoov
As a rent a chair business, the community owns the salon business and rent out space to various practitioners. Before business even opens Rejoov has a Barber, Hairdresser/Waxing, Massage therapist, with more people applying to join the team. “This is a very exciting project for the town and may lay the foundations for bringing back other essential services to small rural communities like Wedderburn”, said Wedderburn Community House Coordinator Marg van Veen. “One of the wonderful characteristics of this town is their determination. They’re not going to wait for someone to come along, they are taking matters into their own hands, supporting local businesses and providing a future for our young people”.
Next time you are visiting Wedderburn be sure to drop into Rejoov for a hair cut, shave, or even a massage.

Rejoov Salon offers the services of hairdressers, barber, beauty and massage. To keep up to date with opening hours and to book appointments click on the Facebook page below.


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